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 my Family olive trees Farm

 Ultra Premium Olive Products since 1977

-   About Us  -

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Experiencing in our parental family olive farms, we joined our parents in cultivation, hand-picked collection of the olives & cold extraction of limited quantity olive oil.

Since 1977, we had our olive oil as the only oil for the mama’s recipes not only for dishes but even for homemade sweets.

Now, we are confident that the extra fine olive oil supports our Health & physical body.

Our bio cultivation plan is monitored & controlled by the official representative Company of the Ministry of Agriculture; our yearly Olive Oil is tested & certified by the Agrolab Company ( & the Suisse Olive Test Panel from the

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (, thus we renamed it to a boutique olive product.


We want to reform your cuisine to a Mediterranean cuisine through a healthy food plan adding the Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

& the Olives to your everyday life.    

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